1. Will we be able to see all costs and charges relating to our block?

Yes! InBlock has a policy of ‘Total Financial Transparency’. So you will have access to all your block accounts and bank statements via InBlock OnLine or as hard copy as required.

2. Who has access to the information available via InBlock OnLine?

The Directors of the resident block management company will have complete control over the level of data available to other parties.

3. How easy would it be to transfer from our existing management agency?

This will depend upon your block’s current contractual situation. However, InBlock makes the whole process of transfer simple and as fast as possible. We do everything for you.

4. Do meetings need to take place at your office?

No. We can meet at a location convenient to you or hold online conference calls via Skype.

5. Will you continue to use our existing suppliers?

Yes, we are happy for you to use who you wish. However, we will undertake a review of contractors if requested.

6. If we don’t wish to manage InBlock OnLine will you still manage our block?

Yes of course. You can have as much or as little input to InBlockOnLine as you wish. Or we can manage the whole system for you.

7. How often would you inspect our block?

We recommend quarterly inspections by your InBlock Account Manager, bi-annual inspections by a RICS surveyor and an annual Health & Safety annual inspection by a certified professional.

8. What locations do you cover?

We like to be within easy access of our clients. With this in mind we cover London - South of the River, and all of Surrey.

9. Where would our monies be held?

We open a separate ‘Client Account’ for each block or estate we manage.