Buying an investment property - the ten golden keys


Over several decades, wise investments in property have proven to be very profitable. But mistakes can be exceedingly costly. Here are some serious points to consider before parting with your money...


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The shocking truth about major works

From time to time major works are a necessary evil in maintaining the fabric of an apartment block. Mostly, such works are planned months or even years in advance, giving flat owners plenty of notice as to the scale of the work and the likely cost. Sometimes, however, unplanned major works may need to be undertaken as a matter of urgency. That’s when they can be a shock to the occupants and the leaseholders’ bank accounts. Here is one such occasion...


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“Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”


Many of us wake up on 1st January truly believing that this is the year we will make big changes. Whether you intend to get fit and lose those love handles, learn to yodel, or finally give up smoking, despite our initial enthusiasm, old habits die hard and we lose our motivation after a week or two. Change is hard work and research suggests that only about 8% of us who set New Year’s goals actually achieve them.


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10 top tips to consider before purchasing a property


1. Is the property Leasehold, Commonhold, or Freehold and do you understand what this means for you financially.


2. How much are the Annual service charges, the ground rent and the insurance and what do they include. It is important to know what you are signing up to.  


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11 Secrets of owning a Leasehold property


1. You do not actually own your leasehold property!

What you may not realise is that after paying several hundred thousands of pounds for your new leasehold property, you still do not actually own it. What you are really buying is a lease which gives you the right to live on the land where the property sits, for a set period of time. When the lease expires, in theory the Freeholder can regain ownership of the property.


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Why you should use a residential block management company

Managing residential properties with multiple occupants can be a challenge. The management agents are often too busy to deal with the day to day concerns of the tenants and the landlord rarely has full transparency over how the block is being managed. We've been in the block and property management business for years and have developed a reputation locally for providing great service. Taking into consideration the needs of tenants, landlords and residential management companies, InBlock is raising the bar.

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First ever online block management company launched by InBlock

Inblock are proud to announce the launch of (what we believe is) the first ever online block and estates management platform for landlords, residential management companies and tenants. Bridging the gap between tenant and landlord, InBlock Online is the first ever web portal of its type. We believe it is going to revolutionise how block management is delivered and we're excited by the prospect of empowering landlords, freeholders and tenants to get a better experience.

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