"Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves"

Many of us wake up on 1st January truly believing that this is the year we will make big changes. Whether you intend to get fit and lose those love handles, learn to yodel, or finally give up smoking, despite our initial enthusiasm, old habits die hard and we lose our motivation after a week or two. Change is hard work and research suggests that only about 8% of us who set New Year’s goals actually achieve them.


Whilst we can't help you drop those pounds, we can help you shed some fat off those dreaded bills. With these 10 top tips, you'll be paying off your debts and living the high life in no time.


1. Lower your thermostat by a couple of degrees. You may not notice the difference but your energy bills will. If you are an exceptionally cold person, layer up with a few extra pairs of socks and a cosy onesie


2. Rather than using the tumble dryer, hang your washing on a clothes horse, or even better an outdoor clothes line. Tumble dryers are notorious energy guzzlers.


3. If you are a slave to the dishwasher, why not stick on a pair of pink rubber gloves and clean the smaller loads by hand.


4. Change your light bulbs to a lower wattage or maybe even go for a more romantic setting by removing some of the bulbs if you have more than one in a room.


5. Make sure you switch all TV’s, Computers and other unused appliances off when not in use. Leaving equipment on stand-by may be using one third of the power of being on.


6. Save money on fuel by carpooling, using public transport or even walking. This could also help you in your weight loss goals!


7. Compare your utility providers to ensure you are on the best rate or package. But remember to check that they are not tying you in to a ridiculously long contract.


8. Insulate, insulate, insulate! Ensuring that you have adequate floor, roof and wall insulation could dramatically reduce your energy consumption. You may even be able to get free insulation or help towards the costs.


9. When any of your appliances break down, look for an energy efficient model to replace it. Most appliances will have this information clearly displayed to help you in your search.


10. Shorten your showers by a minute or two, this doubles up as extra time in bed! Also, turn the water off whilst you brush your teeth.


Whilst you might not think that following these simple steps will save you much, just remember, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”!

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