block management agents in surrey

If you’re unhappy with how your block or estate is currently being managed, whether you suspect that the problem lies with your freehold landlord or managing agent, you can take control of your property through the ‘Right to Manage’ or ‘Enfranchisement’ schemes.

Both processes enable property owners and the resident management company to take control of the block’s management away from their landlord or existing managing agents and decide how they want to manage their block. We can help your block or estate through either process and give you guidance on how to manage your block once you’ve taken the lawful reins.

In order to gain Right to Manage, you’ll need to gain the support of 50% or more of your fellow property owners and ensure your block or estate qualifies under the current legislature.

Taking control with the Right to Manage is generally a less expensive option than Enfranchisement as you’re not required to purchase the freehold. We can guide you through the steps from day one, ensuring the process runs smoothly and without any undue delay. We will also offer you advice and guidance on your block’s management options once you’ve taken control.

We will manage all aspects of your move to InBlock Management. We will implement the transfer of contracts and services seamlessly. Our Transition Audit will provide a statement of the position of the block at the time of transfer. By confirming the financial and company records, ownership, outstanding disputes etc, this one-off report will provide a basis for future management plans. The Transition Audit is an important component in our service, giving a mutual understanding of what is needed, both now and in the future.

We’ll ease your block through every step of the process - from making sure that your block qualifies and creating a limited Right to Manage company, to serving notices to your freehold landlord or managing agent and informing the property owners of their responsibilities upon takeover.